Revolutions – Episode 2 – Death and Resurrection

[A prototype I put together for Al Jazeera. The idea is a fast-paced, three-part weekly podcast, and a home for all the great stuff we get in interviews that we simply don’t have room for on air. Good fun, now we’re hoping to get into a more stable groove for putting these out.]

Week of October 3, 2014

The final 11 wounds of King Richard III, the surgeon who can hold you between life and death for two hours, and an interview with Jane Goodall about the nature of murder among humans and chimpanzees. Hosted by Al Jazeera science and technology correspondent Jacob Ward.

Revolutions is a weekly look at the ways science and innovation are bringing us together, tearing us apart, and changing the world. The series weaves personal stories and exclusive interviews to examine how humans create, destroy, and adapt.