Al Jazeera

Since 2013 I’ve been science and technology correspondent for Al Jazeera, first at its Al Jazeera America channel, which closed in 2016, and now at Al Jazeera English. The network has set itself a very noble and difficult task: speaking for the voiceless, covering social inequality and unrest with intelligence and dignity, and trying to get out ahead of change as it happens. My colleagues and I work hard to create a new kind of sci-tech journalism within that. Rather than cover science and technology as its own subject, we use it to cover other subjects: marijuana, the opioid epidemic, climate change, police shootings, torture, missile defense, voter behavior, you name it. I’ve been consistently praised during my time at the network for being a prolific and original storyteller, and Al Jazeera’s integrity and independence has made it a joy to work there.

Below is a representative sample of my work, by type.

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