Other Appearances

I’ve been lucky to speak before a wide variety of audiences around the world, but I’ve come to very much enjoy a particular kind of hard-drinking bar crowd, care of the good folks at Nerd Nite.


A look at contemporary technology’s greatest limitation: the human body itself.

The easy technology and complicated ethics of robot murder.


City Arts & Lectures Interview with Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins
October 16, 2015


City Arts & Lectures Interview with Neuroscientist David Eagleman
November 23, 2015


Disruptive Innovation Forum, London
November 7, 2016

BBC World Service

The BBC had me on a few times while I was editor of Popular Science.

A Tour of the Popular Science Archives


Then the BBC asked me to contribute a weekly letter about technology and innovation for Business Daily. Here are a few samples.

The Promise of Electric Cars


Why Telepresence Has Failed Me


The Disappointment of the Dreamliner



The Joe Rogan Experience

I flew to Burbank and spent three hours with the very hospitable and very energetic Joe Rogan. After a career spent talking about things for no more than five minutes, I found the show exhilarating and utterly exhausting. I leave it to you to judge how I did. All I know is I doubled my Twitter followers during that one appearance.




In 2013 we decided that we’d had enough of abusive readers using the Popular Science site to spread misinformation. It was a problem we simply did not have the resources to patrol properly, so we went ahead and shut all comments down, in the interest of moving our conversation with our readers to social media. We were one of the first outlets to do it, and as a result I spent a lot of time explaining our decision.

All Things Considered
To The Point