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Popular Science

A look at an Italian effort to harness one of the planet’s most abundant and most challenging forms of energy.

At a remote facility in California, GE built an experimental 400-foot turbine.

Among hawks, seagulls, and 10,000 tons of municipal waste, a fledgling company has built the country’s first industrial-scale anaerobic digester.

Discovery Channel

Excerpts from “The Truth About Traffic,” a one-hour special about how we drive, and what it does to us.


A profile of Franklin Chang-Diaz, a former astronaut and founder of Ad Astra Rockets. The man hopes to invent the way we’ll get to the Red Planet.

Here’s me getting my ass kicked in Jeopardy by Watson, IBM’s phenomenal human-speech system.

National Geographic Channel

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In 2012 I hosted a one-hour special, “America’s Money Vault,” about the Federal Reserve. In it, I not only got well inside the Fed’s most restricted facilities, I also conducted an exclusive interview with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.






In 2012 I also hosted a one-hour special, entitled “Top Secret,” about Plant 42, the highly classified military manufacturing counterpart to Area 51.