The Perfect Science and Imperfect Politics of Fighting Heroin Overdoses

Science has effectively cured the threat of death by opiate overdose — a risk that claims the lives of at least 22,000 Americans each year — with an extraordinary drug, Narcan. Trick is, Narcan is most effective at saving lives when you provide it to drug users so they can use it on one another as needed. Perfectly effective and safe to administer by anyone to anyone, Narcan is nonetheless a deeply uncomfortable subject for a country used to punishing addicts, not saving them.

A Rafting “Wake” for the Animas River

On the same day the Environmental Protection Agency announced that the Department of the Interior would be running an independent investigation into the Gold King Spill, boaters in Durango, Colorado celebrated the reopening of the river with mixed feelings. And no wonder, as facts about the ongoing toxic legacy of mining in Colorado emerge.