I was a magazine editor for over a decade, eventually becoming editor-in-chief of Popular Science, the world’s largest science and technology publication. I’m now a television correspondent, covering the dangerous side of science and technology. Since 2013, I’ve been refining a new way of telling stories: high-energy, upbeat delivery of dark and difficult topics. I’ve covered everything from the heroin epidemic to environmental threats to the effects of gun violence in America. I’ve covered elections. Sometimes I even do just everyday human stories.

Most of my time now is focused on a four-hour series on bias and human irrationality, traveling from Tanzania to China to Puerto Rico to explore the evolutionary origin of human irrationality, bias, and self-destructive behavior. I’m a humble person by nature, but it’s going to be epic. It’s due to air on public television and beyond at the end of 2017. Finally, I’m about to release Complicated, a 10-part podcast in partnership with a distributor I can’t announce yet. The series explores uncertainty and overwhelming complexity: subjects like nuclear weapons, antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and weaponized robots that are simply too complicated for a single, tidy summary.

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